Born in Leicester in 1993, Liam spent most of his younger years taking things apart and trying to work out how they fitted back together. Occasionally, he was successful. Liam began to experiment with different visual arts media, and slowly became interested in photography. Taking no formal classes, Liam used the Internet, magazines, books and good old trial and error to work out how exposures, subject and creating a compelling photography fitted together. Occasionally, he was successful…

Whilst studying at Lutterworth College, where he later taught a photography class, Liam met Joseph, Abi, Ellie and Rupert – four other photographic creatives with whom he formed Digital Impulse Photography. The team chose to specialise in events photography, learning their art whilst working with different organisations at indoor and outdoor events. The team’s proudest photography achievements include being chosen to photograph for the Royal British Legion, and three local counties branches of the Army Cadet Force.

Digital Impulse Team

Liam led this team for nearly two years, their services now disbanded due to educational commitments away from photography. However Liam’s passion was not doused and he started more independent project work, including a few event outings with the team at Tazmania Studios, covering events ranging from a local carnival to a summer festival.

Rob and Sarah's Wedding

In the mean time, Liam took a large and keen interest in the diverse world behind-the-scenes in theatre and performance. He started volunteering on college productions at Lutterworth, before leaving to become one of the first students on the new Technical Theatre level three course over at Leicester College. Whilst here, and in the city’s former Phoenix Arts Centre (re-branded Upper Brown Street Theatre) he learned a wide range of backstage skills, including set construction, stage management, sound design and operation and, foremost, lighting design and operation.

Starting shooting photographs under his own name in November 2011 was largely motivated by a personal desire to do more freelance photography following the sad loss of his Grandmother, the most passionate supporter of his photographic work for several years. In working for her, Liam believes he works at the top of his ability, working with the ethos of every photograph being the next piece for the portfolio. The short space through to 2012 and beyond was filled with this project fused with continuing the Leicester College course, which led him to be invited to work on larger productions such as the LEBC Fashion Show at the 1000-seater venue Athena, and further into the year Liam successfully  gained a place at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where he continues to hone his stagecraft skills. Liam has gone on to light large scale events and shows, as well as continuing annual work with local companies such as Croft Players and the Michelle Ann School of Dance.