More Shows. More Photos. More Blogs.

This feels strange, yet right. I’m going to start blogging again.

To catch up, I’m now in my second year at Drama School, have started knitting and sewing, I now love Pinterest, live with Sarah, and can programme an IP PBX.

I’m now a qualified British Cycling Ride Leader. It’s very nice, I lead work for SkyRide and lead on their Local events in small parks and along canal paths, out of Knowsley district. It’s top.

We’ve just finished working on Secret Rapture, which I’ll detail a little bit more about when the production photographs come in. I was the Lighting Designer, along with a couple of other friends from LIPA. Our show was in the small theatre, and was a lovely chance to crack out the old Hog III skills. We’ve also got a training session with Rob Halliday, leading UK lighting designer and programmer, coming up next month which I’m rather looking forward to.

Brick Wall

Finally, for now, have a browse of my latest shoot with Sarah, in Sefton Park. I built that bike!

Speak soon,

Liam x