Irish Night

Here are some photos from John’s Irish Night in Bolton.

The gig raised money for HCPT, The Pilgrimage Trust which takes disabled children to Lourdes. It costs £700 per child, so the fundraising efforts needed are huge. The event sold tickets to 250 people, with the band, equipment hire, venue hire, staffing and food all supplied for free.

Our rig was supplied by HSL Group in Blackburn. They sent 9 Robe 300E Spots, three Source 4 zooms, a Strata Cirus Hazer, 30 GDS wireless uplighters, power and data distribution and a RoadHog with Wireless Solution G4 DMX Transceiver. We provided eight LED pars for stage wash, along with the venue’s 12 ways of dimming including band keylight and rock-and-roll FOH par cans.

After rigging and setting up the [brilliant] hazer, I plotted the show whilst John dealt with projection. Having a desk set up on a flightcase in the middle of the auditorium at St Joseph’s Catholic High School, in Horwich, was most amusing as many of the organisers assumed it would be staying there, trailing cables and all, surrounded by tables. Instead, we built a steeldeck riser and ran the show from the back of the room.

The show ran well. We’d distributed the 30 GDS uplighters around the room, lighting up curtains, the bar and the brick walls. The only trouble we had was when the sound desk net to us blew up twenty seconds before the interval! Luckily, it was replaced by a member of the band with his own, smaller desk. Unfortunately this meant we missed our free pasties…

Special thanks to HSL Group Ltd who made our work on this event possible with their generous loan of equipment.