Catching Up

I remember Taz moaning a little while back that I never actually post about what I’m up to at the moment. Well, here goes.

I’ve just finished working on flys fro Stillness in a Mobile World, a dance show at LIPA. I’m having a little relax at the moment between that The 2ube Extra, which is the first assessed show that I have. It’s a big, week-long music festival in the main auditorium at LIPA which is being transformed into a full-on concert venue. Which means our first job is to remove all of the seats from the stalls…

It’s looking like a pretty top show at the minute, anyway, so if you’re around Liverpool 18th-22nd of March it’s well worth coming down for the evening. But if you can’t be there, but still want to watch, we’ll be broadcasting live over the Internet, so I’ll post links to that closer to the time.

Separate from LIPA, I find myself between projects at the moment. We’ve not long finished working on the fourth annual Michelle Ann School of Dance performance, which was a challenge more than usual as the venue had very few working lamps when we got there, and not being a full-time venue there were no spares in stock. Lots of fun… Coming up, I’ve got a big St Patrick’s Day party in March, in Bolton, raising money for HCPT. Following this and 2ube Extra I’m working on the Croft Show, which is set to be a big enthusiastic production following the passing of our Chairman, Mr Richard Rushin. It’s something about time travel this year, sounds good. Standby for hire lists, Taz…

As far as theatre and productions go, that’s about it for now. In terms of cycling however, things are ongoingly wonderful. I’ve started working for British Cycling as a Ride Leader, and my formal training commences in March. So if you fancy a Local SkyRide aroud the Knowsley area, give me a yell and we can arrange something!

I’ve finally started productively editing the Eireball film, following ditching Final Cut for it’s simpler cousin iMovie. So far, this has enabled me to work faster, with no drawbacks perceived as of yet. I’m still burdened with over 850 video clips though, so it’s a slow progress. Any other photography seems to be at a standstill currently, although I’ve been positively snowed under with Professional Development essays and show calls, and studying intently for my Driving theory test – which I passed yesterday!

Also – I went to see Phantom of The Opera this week – if you’ve not read the review yet, it’s here. A thrilling, simply perfect show.

There’re a few new things around this site recently. The first is a photo Gallery, suggested by Joe Stathers-Tracey. Secondly, I uploaded a Project page with all the information about Rob and Sarah’s Wedding. I received some very lovely feedback for this, from Ian Robottom, which can be read here.

So there’s not really much else to say – I hope you feel appropriately updated, and stay tuned for more!!


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    • It’s all going very well, got the short version ready for the Late Late Show and maybe a Facebook release later this month.

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