Occasionally, things pop up on Twitter that leave me pondering for a bit. Often, it’s some random fact, or a latest debate on The Stage’s account – @TheStage.

But today is thanksgiving, and it does rather help to consider what we have to be thankful for. I immediately pinned it down to three of the most important people over the past year – Kimmy, Emily and my beautiful Sarah. But in reality, I owe a debt of gratitude to a multitude of different people.

One of the key aspects of this gratitude is to all the people that have landed me at LIPA. Everyone from Adrian Hull and Beth Kerslake who originally interested me in tech, through all my lecturers at college and people who interviewed me at LIPA who decided my fate and eventually gave me a place at the wonderful institution. This has changed my life for the better. I am happier, stronger and more independent than I ever could have been at home, and I’m studying the art I love in the best surroundings possible. I am grateful to all the people that gave me a place to fit in.

Today at LIPA, we learned how to build flats

However, I think being thankful and being grateful are clearly different things.

I’m thankful for the obvious things – and as obvious as they might seem, they still require a lots of thankfulness. I’m thankful that my Granddad is still alive to care for me and see his two youngest grandchildren, Ruby and Rory, grow up. I’m thankful that they are healthy, happy young children, and I’m thankful they have a family and home to grow up in.

I’m thankful that Sarah is doing well in her job and is content and feeling not-so-terrible about her life at the moment. I’m thankful that we are together even though there is now distance between us; I’m thankful that our hearts beat stronger as a consequence.

And I’m thankful that people respect us. We’re so sure about all we are, and nobody passes judgement on that – if you know anything about me and Sarah, you’ll appreciate that is some achievement…

I’m thankful that, for all our many disagreements, I am still able to call my parents up and talk whenever I want. We’re very different people, I think, or very the same – either way, it’s still nice that they’re still there for me. Frankly, its not something anyone expected.

What are you thankful for? What are you grateful for? Take ten minutes today and have a think about it. Maybe make some calls, send some texts or write a few letters. But let people know.

The worst thing would be if you were to be thankful for someone and they not know about it.