Top Cyclists Injured in Unrelated Accidents

British Cycling had released a statement following another accident in the North, involving their head coach Shane Sutton.

This follows an accident which has left Tour de France winner and Olympic Champion, Bradley Wiggins, with a broken rib and a broken finger following a van collided with his mountain bike as he was travelling to meet a group of local cyclists near Eccleston.

Scene following Wiggins’ crash in Lancashire

Sutton is believed to have bruising and bleeding to the brain.

A spokesperson for British Cycling has said, in a statement:

It is extremely rare that our riders and coaches are hurt while out cycling on the road, even rarer that two incidents should occur in a short space of time, and we wish Shane and Bradley a speedy recovery.

Cycling is not an intrinsically dangerous activity but there is much more to be done to improve conditions for cyclists on the roads.

British Cycling is calling on the government to put cycling at the heart of transport policy to ensure that cycle safety is built into the design of all new roads, junctions and transport projects, rather than being an afterthought.

These accidents show that anybody, no matter what their cycling ability, is susceptible to an accident on the road. Wiggins, arguable the best cyclist in the world at the moment, and his coach, have both collided with vehicles, and both been hospitalised as a result.

Anybody who is using the road is responsible for protecting the safety of everybody else using it. Personally,  I could do more to protect myself against accidents whilst on the road. I almost always wear a helmet, and wear a hi-vis if I have one available, but I don’t have any lights at the moment and I could certainly do with a few more reflectors on my bike.

Wiggins has now left hospital, as shown in this photo from the Telegraph

Stay safe, people.

British Cycling Statement Here:–Wiggins-Hurt-in-Accident-0