Feel Free to Insult Me

Here’s a little bit of interesting news from around the country. As you may or may not know, currently there is some argument as to whether Section 5 of the Public Order Act should be changed, so that it is no longer an arrestable offence to insult somebody. The move is claimed to promote free speech, as opposed to currently having a tool which could be used to censor it. In this short video, Rowan Atkinson makes a speech to the reform assembly at a Parliamentary reception.

Of course, free speech should be the most important thing we have besides food and shelter (Or as Atkinson says, even above shelter.) I’m happy to be insulted – maybe being called names outright is a little harsh, but it reflects poorly on the insulter. But we’re talking about criticism here – or the right to expression on Twitter, or Facebook, which I strongly believe should be a right indeed.

For a more upbeat view, we turn to Have I Got News For You…

With names such as Atkinson, Stephen Fry, Frankie Boyle and many other high-profile public people behind this reform campaign, and with discussion all over the web and in media including The Stage, one wonders what the outcome of this will be. Atkinson talks as if it were common sense that this law is silly, but the question is whether this view is reflected by those that have the power to change the law.

And either way, nobody should ever be arrested for calling a Police horse gay!