Hello, Liverpool

Well, it’s safe to say I am well and truly moved in to my new home in Liverpool.

Mission Control

Writing that is actually quite odd! I’ve only been here five days, but already I’ve made some lovely friends, got somewhat acquainted with the city and had a meeting with Ian to discuss the wedding in December.

View across the Mersey from the upstairs window.

Busy is not a word I’d use yet though; it’s been crazy but I’ve now got four nights off! That said, there are plenty of Freshers’ events on in the next few days, and I’m getting involved with LIPA’s The 2ube which is a weekly gig in the LIPA Café.

Hoping for some better weather soon though, especially as I’ve left my coat in Leicester! Also I’m looking forward to Sarah and Granddad coming to visit in the next few weeks.