Eireball Route Includes Ted Tea Stop

Louisa O’Callaghan, Eireball organiser and producer of The Ultimate Irish Roadtrip, the documentary of this year’s run, has excitedly announced that this year’s route will include a stop here:

Recognise it? Fans of Channel 4’s hit series about hilarious Irish priest Father Ted Crilly will – it was the Parochial House used in the filming, home to Ted and his companions; Dougal, the dim young priest; and Mrs Doyle, the housekeeper who always had tea in the pot.

The house is situated in North Co. Clare, close to the Burren through which the convoy passed last year, in the opposite direction. Noted for its ‘lunar-like’ landscape, the Burren isfamous for its variety of flowers, archaeological remains, farming traditions, its musical, artistic and literary heritage, and its culture of warm hospitality. This hospitality is particularly highlighted by the people whom run the venue – it is their family home, with a collection of children and pets, yet due to demand from the public they offer a guided tour and tea in their – Ted’s – kitchen.

It’ll provide some interesting filming a few days into the tour, with the Type 2 Ireland & Friends convoy reaching the retired film set on the Wednesday on their way to the overnight stop at Spanish Point in Clare.

Currently plans for the documentary are coming along smoothly, with logistics largely sorted and the Tazmania Studios team focusing on equipment once the boss returns from America…

Visit the website for more information about the Fr. Ted visitor house in the Burren http://www.fathertedshouse.com


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