Meetings and Moo Cows


Today was a lovely day spent with a couple of my clients, in the lovely sunshine that we’ve finally been blessed with – although I am acutely aware it’s only meant to last until Friday.

Firstly I met Bethany Taylor in a coffee shop in Lutterworth to discuss her upcoming project, Do You Expect Me To Talk?, which I will be photographing on Saturday. It was nice to see my old friend Bethany again, and I’m impressed with the hard work that she’s put into Cognito and their upcoming installation, which I’m excited about.

Then followed a cycle four miles out to Cestersover Farm near Pailton to discuss a new web project with the Dalby family, for their Ice Cream business and cattle sales. A (terrible!) website already exists, and I’m being employed to update it with a lick of WordPress to ensure that the business are able to update their own site easily when they need to. I see their ice cream side of the farm as the key reason a new site needs to exist, and I’m looking forward to presenting them with something that will represent the positive brand values of quality and reliability they wish to promote whilst being fluid, modern and  attractive to the end user.

WordPress is really making my life easy at the moment, with this site, Croft Players and Katie Ford’s websites already transferred and the Ringswood site being built from the ground up within the wonderful CMS environment. The Dalby family made me feel welcome today, letting me trek around taking photographs of their farm and then Bethan kindly giving me a lift back to Lutterworth as I’d picked up yet another rear wheel puncture. Maybe the proceeds from this job will go towards new tyres…