Do You Expect Me To Talk? – Cognito Theatre

Occasionally in life we’re lucky enough to combine two things we love into one event. For me, photography and theatre often go hand and in hand, and through this we reach out to others that share the same views and interests. Often the contacts we make and use within the industry and indeed within our friendship circles are the most important thing to making any project a success. It’s certainly not often I’ll agree to being paid in cake and coffee…

Cognito Theatre’s debut installation, Do You Expect Me To Talk?, will see the work of aspiring producer and wonderful friend Bethany Taylor coupled with the genius design of Leicester freelance designer Kate Unwin, backed up by Curve Theatre’s Young Arts Entrepreneurs project.

“Do You Expect Me to Talk?” features live actors, a short film and an interactive display of thoughts and experiences. The project is all about encouraging people to talk about mental health through theatre and performance, and most importantly has been developed, produced and created by local young people.

Bethany’s had this project on the cards for a little while now, bringing me on board at a late stage as the company’s photographer – my shooting buddy Taz Maguire – is away on his holidays in America, with his family. As team member for the Tazmania Studios team Taz is at the helm of, I appear to be next in line for Cognito when the boss is unavailable!

The installation will take place twice, later on at Curve but for me it’ll be the Saturday 28th performance in Odeon Arcade that I’ll be photographing and probably end up plugging cables in for! Of course, I’ll be publishing some photographs, but I urge you to get socially connected with Beth and Cognito Theatre and find out more about this very interesting project…

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